Pol Holding is a fast growing investment group investing in Turkey and the Middle East and is active in various sectors with a special focus on northern Iraq and Turkey.

Using great foresight, the company’s experienced management team has created and directed timely business plans, resulting in steady growth of the group. The Holding now consists of companies operating in energy, industrial production and construction sectors in northern Iraq and real estate, agriculture, livestock and vehicle inspection sectors in Turkey.

The Holding is strategically positioned in northern Iraq for green field investment projects by forming strategic alliances and partnerships. In addition to its investments in energy and industrial production, the Holding has new projects in power production and is looking for further investment opportunities in energy, industrial production and services sectors.

The group, began operations in the second half of the 1980s by owning and operating natural gas and petrol stations and later expanding into textiles and international trade activities of various goods and materials.

Polteks İnşaat Taah. San. ve Tic. A.Ş. (Polteks), now the Holding’s agribusiness company, was established in 1996, undertaking various textiles, agricultural, construction and engineering projects.

In 2003, the group extended its focus regionally by entering the Iraqi market through several construction projects, including two fuel terminal and storage facilities, government building and other real estate projects in Erbil and Dohuk. In 2009, it entered a joint venture with a local group to develop, build, own and operate the fuel-oil fired 150MW Baadra IPP near Dohuk. The facility was commissioned in 2011 and generates approximately 1,150 GWh annually under a 15-year take-or-pay PPA for its entire capacity.

The group has started a restructuring process in which its investments in Turkey are gathered under Pol Holding A.Ş. (Turkey) while international investments are organized under Pol Investment B.V. (The Netherlands).

The Group provides employment to a total of more than 500 people through its investments in both Turkey and Iraq.

Behind the success achieved by Pol Holding is a customer-focused management approach oriented to achieve efficiency. This approach is not just bolstered by material gains but also fostered by institutional citizenship awareness that benefits and will continue to benefit the entire population.

Pol Holding, fully aware of its responsibilities to the areas it supports, operates under a vision that aspires to be a pioneer, setting examples for society, while making investments that contribute to the country’s economy it operates in. The Institutional Social Responsibility policy of the Group aims to improve the welfare of people through development projects that are sustained by economic, cultural, social and environmental concerns.
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