Since its establishment, Pol Holding has been aware of the fact that success in the face of changing competitive conditions depends on investing in its work force. As such the company adopted the principle of observing and developing awareness with regards to the highest quality and performance in the businesses carried out by the company. We are aware of the importance of providing equal work opportunities without discriminating among our employees on the basis of their age, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, or physical capabilities. As the Holding company, we operate on the basis of the foregoing principles in all related fields, including advertisements for open positions, new employee recruitment and placements, career building, status changes, mobilization of employees, salaries, other benefits and training choices.

Our most important objective is to create a work environment that is respectful of the moral and material rights of our employees, where individual and institutional values are shared in a high quality, peaceful, and happy workplace.

In a safe, stable, strong, continuously developing organization employing advanced technology, Pol Holding aims to provide resources that help its employees further their personal and professional development and create a work environment that allows them to use of their potential at the highest possible level.

Our human resources policy has adopted the improvement of the knowledge, skills, motivation and satisfaction of our employees as a principle. The efforts to achieve this objective have been initiated with the aim of continuous self-renewal. It is certainly a privilege to be a part of the Pol Holding family that consists of friendly and innovative employees, who are ready to share information and apply a customer-focused approach.

Pol Holding owes its success to its company culture and basic principles that are adopted by all its employees, who are open to continuous learning and development, traits that are modeled by the top management of the company.

It is our fundamental policy to review and update all our human resources applications in consideration of the prevailing conditions and as such to maintain a dynamic approach that fosters continuous development.
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