Fethi Polat, born in 1965, opened the first petrol/gas station in the year 1984 in an enterprising effort to further develop and grow the oil trade business that his family was involved in. After approximately nine years spent expanding his business in this sector, Mr. Polat sold his petrol/gas stations located in Şanlıurfa (Suruç, Şanlıurfa), Mardin and Aydın as well as his shares in the Demir Foreign Exchange in Adana to start afresh in the industrial sector.

In the year 1996, he established a cotton gin and press factory in the first Organized Industrial Zone of Şanlıurfa, located on an area of 50,000 square meters. In furtherance of his efforts in this area, the scope of operations has been expanded with additional investments in a Ring Yarn facility with 18 machines, 20,832 spindles and 5 combed cotton machinery. The yarn factory became operational in the year 1998.

In addition to the textile business, the company was involved in overseas construction activities between the years 2005-2007. The company successfully completed the establishment of two Oil Handling Plants located in northern Iraq worth $25.5 million USD. Moreover, the construction of a Public Sector Building worth more than $17 million USD in the same region was also successfully completed and turned over to the authorities.

The company began its operations in the livestock sector in October 2009, at the facilities located on the Şanlıurfa Göbeklitepe highway.

In the year 2011, with a 35% share in the undertaking, the company completed the building of a 150 MW power station located in Northern Iraq under the build-operate model.

The Polteks Company owned by Mr. Polat has embarked on a new energy project in northern Iraq in partnership with Unit and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). This project, currently in the investment stage, targets the establishment of an 840 MW facility in its first phase, to be developed into a 1,260 MW facility in the future.


Pol Holding has great objectives to achieve, objectives that are elevated based on a history of almost four decades. Without a doubt, it is strengthened by the wide range of the geographical area in which we operate and an accurate assessment of the continuously strengthening position of Turkey among other economies in the world.

We pledged our allegiance to this land. We believe knowledge is essential. We endeavor to acquire the knowledge that is considered to be the capital of our age, merged with the abundance of the land. We believe in our people and employ highly qualified people in all positions, ranging from production to management.

In its most simple form, we aspire to design all our projects in the right fields at the right times by bringing together people with the right qualifications in possession of the right knowledge.

The impact of this approach can be clearly seen when the projects of Pol Holding in the energy sector are reviewed.

Our investments in Turkey and Iraq have been growing at a fast pace. The power station established in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region of Iraq, a project in which we have been active for the past 15 years, is essentially important for this region that has made great progress towards achieving international standards. We are presently in the process of expanding this facility, and the government has already approved a capacity increase from 150 MW to 500 MW.

Another important initiative of ours in the field of power generation will be accomplished as a joint effort with Unit and the IFC. Our target is to complete and commission the project with a total capacity of 1260 MW in two phases. The first phase (840 MW) is planned to be completed in 2017.

We become stronger with each passing day as we continue doing business through our investments in energy, industrial production, agriculture and livestock, and real estate and service sectors.

I must lastly but possibly most significantly emphasize the importance we place on social responsibility. As we did in the past, we will continue and even increase our efforts to contribute to the projects that foster the ethical and social structure of the society, aiming to protect the environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to our employees who are working towards the success of our company and to the people and institutions with whom we do business. I wish a bright future to all.

Fethi Polat
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